Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

Roam through the patch or pick from the pile to select your perfect pumpkin.

The heart and soul of Just Piddlin Farm is the ability to provide an inviting, relaxed atmosphere where parents can bring their children to the farm to experience agriculture.  They have the ability to pull their own pumpkin from the vine after searching acres of pumpkins for that perfect one; whether it is the biggest they can find or just the biggest they can carry.

The patch also provides a unique educational experience for both kids and adults alike by seeing different, bugs, weeds and varieties of items growing in the patch.  You will sometimes see honey bees pollinating pumpkin blossoms and see how God made things work in harmony to support each other. How the pumpkin blossom provides nectar for the bee and the bee pollinates the blossom to make the pumpkin is best witnessed up close. You can see this and more while you have fun roaming the patch.

We will always have a large selection of pumpkins in the barn, in the shade, to choose from as well. You will be amazed at all the different varieties of pumpkins as you will see below.

Pumpkin Types: